Monday, March 28, 2016

Cool for the summer

It's getting hot, y'all.

We had really, really pleasant weather this winter (sorry, northerners).  But it looks like it's over.  All of a sudden we're back in the 80s, and I assume the humidity is not far behind.  So it's time for me to focus on summer clothes.  And like I mentioned on the post about my last Alder, it is the perfect pattern for hot summers.
I bought this fabric at my favorite fabric store last summer.  It's seersucker in a pretty navy with a lovely print of little apples.  Although fruit prints are totally in right now, this is actually a vintage fabric.  They only had about 1 3/4 yards of this left, and I snapped it up.

Because of fabric limitations, I knew I was looking at a sleeveless or short sleeved blouse.  But I wanted something with a little interest.  This fabric deserves it!  So I decided to shorten the Alder dress into a top.  I also made it a v-neck as I didn't have enough fabric for a collar and stand.  I didn't even have enough for pockets!  I ended up having to piece the inside yoke together from two pieces and used another fabric for the armhole binding too.  This was some serious pattern puzzling.
I wanted to exaggerate the high-low hem on the Alder a bit.  It turned out that I exaggerated it a little TOO much, as I ended up chopping about 4-5 inches off the back once I tried it on.  It's still a big difference, but the before was almost costumey.

I.  Love.  This.  Shirt.  This is my favorite thing I've made in a while.  Alder is such a fun pattern to sew.  I love doing the back yoke, I love turning the corner on the gathered section, I love the button bands.  It's just an all around great pattern.  I finished this one up on Friday afternoon, and I've worn it 3 times in the last 4 days.  So I'd say it's a success!

Project:  Apple Seersucker Alder Blouse
Pattern:  Grainline Alder
Fabric:  vintage seersucker print

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